The Divinity of Jesus Christ of Nazareth (Part One)

If you thought that there are only two devils – Satan and The red devils – then you are off the beam. The Australians know of another devil called the Tasmanian devil. I have no idea why this wonderful creature was given this rather uncouth name. It could be due to its voracious eating habit. This mean that it might be ferocious too.

The devil was listed as an endangered species, not two thousand years ago, but eight years ago. Animal scientists say that the devils are under grave threat from a communicable cancer called devil facial tumor disease. This is bad news, as the devil will soon be wiped out if no serious actions are taken by conservationists.

Indeed the devil is not the only funny animal in Australia. There are other plenty animals that are native to the Continent known for its expansive outback (Subaru fans, now you know the etymology of one of your favourites outdoor subie).

Dingoes are not only found in Kayole, Dandora, Estleigh and those other places you know; they are also in Australia. Southeast Asia is happy to host dingoes too. Now the difference between dingoes and devils is this: devils are few while dingoes are many.


One more from Aussie

Alan John Miller is a clown ‘cleric’ but with a clever mind to hoodwink both the clumsy and the classy. He is also a staid practical joker. Surprisingly he is completely divine to his adherents. He is not only an incarnation of tomfoolery but a reincarnation of Jesus of Nazareth too. The Aussie has serious followers. Anyway, who wouldn’t be interested in hanging around a guy who rubbed shoulders with Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Abraham, Moses and David? He says that he can remember his crucifixion. His partner in crime Mary Suzanne Luck claims to lurk in the shadows of Mary Magdalene. This is either a big luck or a huge lark. Together they run a cult that has attracted a sizeable number of people. They call this cult Divine Truth. Did you hear that? Divine Truth. Yeah, TRUTH. This Divine Truth appeals to the intelligentsia and imbeciles alike.  Miller tells us that his suffering and death on the cross was not as traumatic as people imagine. It was endurable.


Another One from Kenya

Just like Aussie, the East African power house does boast of unique fauna. The Tsavo lions – which lacks mane, the Tana River Red Colobus, the Hirola, among others.

Indeed the story does not end here. Just as Shujaa has occasionally stepped up their game against the Kiwis, so has been the case with our ingenuity in spirituality. We had our own Jehovah until 2015. His full name was Jehovah Wanyonyi. He claimed to be the Supreme Being; the creator of the universe and all that is in it. He went on to coalesce people around himself. They trusted every word that he uttered, and they utterly refused to come to terms with his death in 2015. This god had twenty five wives. Unlike Miller, Wanyonyi was illiterate.

It appears that our mental faculties have become as reckless as some bodaboda riders.


The Deity of Christ

A baby was born two thousand years ago in Roman ruled province of Judaea. His name was Jesus of Nazareth. This boy would grow up to become a central figure of the Christian religion. The impact brought about by His existence is tremendous and can be felt by all and sundry. This man Jesus would go ahead to make ground-shaking claims that warrant serious scrutiny. According to Clive Staples Lewis, Jesus statements are so extraordinary that someone looking at them is left in a trilemma: He was either a lunatic, Liar, or Lord.

I think the best way to demolish Christianity is to attack the divinity of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And those who are engaged in this line of work know it too well. That is why it is easy to question the historicity of Jesus and not that one of Alexander the Great.

Mythicists have not been left behind by this bandwagon of anti-Jesus banditry. There are outrageous claims that have been peddled to show that Jesus was just a mythical figure as was Mithras and Horus.

Another clique has also claimed that Jesus never said He was God.

We will be looking at these and similar arguments in future posts.


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