Deal with the Amalekites

God will never allow whatever is determined to destroy and hinder His grand purpose in your life to succeed. However, you have a role to play in this plan. Know your duties, and execute them meticulously. Set yourself in array and fight. Get out of your comfort zone and pursue His promises with vigour and valour. Step into the arena and take a stab at your enemy. A call of God has a way of disrupting your normal life. It drives you into prayer closet. It pushes you into the Bible study.

All these happens so that we may be part of His grand purpose. Our enemies are not fellow human beings.

Most of us have always wondered why a loving God would command Saul to eliminate the Amalekites. But a detailed examination of the scriptures shed some light on this whole scenario. The Amalekites were not new people to God. They were not strangers to Israelites either. In fact, they were the grandchildren of Esau, a brother to Jacob (Israel). They attacked Israelites unprovoked; not once, not twice but many times. They were not interested in hard-nosed, brass-knuckles bargaining with Israelites. For they even refused Israel to pass through their land. Nowhere in the scripture do we find Israelites attacking them. They are the once who would always initiate a war. They attacked them when they were still a young nation, and they continued to do so from time to time. To make it worse, the Amalekites always attacked Israelites at the time of their weakness (Exodus 17; 1 Samuel 15:33).

In addition, it appears the purpose of the Amalekites was not to outfox the Israelites but to destroy them. This is something that would have brought an end to the grand purpose of God – the purpose of saving humanity through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

God was not going to negotiate with them. You can negotiate with a bully until you are blue in the face. Thus God had to stop them. There was no sabre rattling and ego busting.

Unfortunately, the person who was to work with God in stopping the Amalekites became an accomplice. He was not willing to roll the dice. He pretended that his machinery was locked and loaded while he was lazy and lame. His name was Saul. He failed terribly.

God will never stop at defending His plans for us. But He needs us to work with Him. This does not mean that the Omnipotent has deficiency that a creation must satisfy. He is in a relationship with us.

Isn’t surprising that an enemy will always attack your weakest point? Just like the Amalekites came for the young Israel nation, the enemy will always come for the little girl and the little boy in you. Most of the time he will take the mishaps of your girlhood and boyhood to hit at you. He rarely comes for the mature you.

The good thing is that God knows your Amalekite. He knows his aim. He will not allow him to succeed. And we must not allow him either.

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